Lethargic Goldfish

Sue wrote and asked...

Hope you can help, we have some goldfish at work who seem very lethargic, they just lie on the bottom of the tank. We've had the water checked, there's plenty of oxygen and they're being fed correctly. Any ideas

Goldfish Care

My first guess would be water temperature, goldfish like cooler water and are considered cold water fish,
the temperature should be 64-74 degrees Fahrenheit


  1. i have 6 goldfish and 2 plecos on my 155ltr tank,one of the fish just lays on the bottom of the tank,it does not appear to feed ,its been like that for 3 weeks now,it does swim around a little when i feed the others.i had one die under similar things several weeks ago all the others seem fine,when it does swim i have noticed air bubbles from its mouth

  2. Could water get 2 cold for the gold fish