Smelly goldfish tank water and black spots on goldfish

Kelly asks:

My son just won 2 goldfish at our local fair.  I bought a fishbowl, bowl buddies water conditioner, gravel.  I got up this morning to 1 dead fish, and cloudy, foul smelling water.  

The water actually smells like eggs or sulfur.  I took the one remaining fish out of the bowl and put him in a mason jar with some of his original bowl water, but now am unsure about how to procede.  

I also see that the 1 remaining fish has a few little dark spots on him. I don't honestly know if they were there before or not.
My 7 yr. old is frantic about trying to save his fish.  Can you please help us out?  I've never owned fish before.  Thanks.

Kelly it sounds like you may have simply added too much conditioner, this is a common mistake as to the black spots they could be related also. We would suggest simply setting up the tank again "paying special attention to the amount of conditioner you add"  Less is better 

Good Luck

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