Best Goldfish for Children

Rachel has been busy and has a lot of questions:

1: Where do I buy my goldfish?

Your Local pet shop is probably best or if your lucky to have a shop that specializes in fish were you live.

2: Is a black Moor or a Fantail goldfish better for children? 

Both Black Moor Goldfish and Fantail Goldfish are a little more difficult to look after than the more popular single tailed goldfish.

3: Can a grown fantail goldfish live in a 10-gallon tank and be happy? 

Goldfish Tanks come in many sizes a 10-gallon tank would be more than large enough for a single fantail goldfish fully grown.

4: What type of goldfish is the best for children? 
Goldfish that are of the single tailed type are best as starter goldfish.

Do I get a goldfish or betta fish?
What is cheaper?
Which one is easier to take care of?

A simple goldfish would be best to start with and is also cheaper than a betta fish and much easier to take care of.

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